Whether you have experienced it or not, a car breakdown is not a pleasant affair. While we can’t ensure your car never breaks down, we can give you a list of items that would help in the case of a breakdown.


Jumper Cables

Imagine that you’ve just finished a late night at the office. You get in your car and try the engine but you don’t hear the familiar click and roar. Instead, it is a tiny sputter and then - nothing. For emergency situations like these, jumper cables would literally be a lifesaver. To avoid dead engines; make sure you get good quality batteries and never miss a service.


Distilled Water

Ever seen a car stalled on the shoulder of a road with a smoky car hood? That happens when your car has overheated due to loose radiator caps or lack of coolant.  Once the car has cooled off, you will need a lot of water to refill the radiator and water vessel. Always keep at least 1.5 L in your car for emergencies. However, prevention is always better. Be sure to regularly check your coolant levels and tightness of your radiator caps.



Breakdowns in rural areas can sometimes mean being stuck there for a few hours or even a whole day. Faced with such a case, you’ll need a flashlight to notify oncoming cars of your presence. It would also useful when you have to change tyres at night.


Spare Tyres

Almost all cars carry a spare tyre. However, most cars don’t have car jacks or a lug wrench - basic tools needed for a tyre change . Besides having the tools, you will need to know how to do it.


Emergency Contacts

Sometimes, you will require professional help. An engine failure needs more than a car jack and lug wrench to fix. Always keep a list of emergency contacts ready. At the very least you should have numbers for a tow truck and a mechanic.


First Aid Kit

A breakdown can sometimes end with someone getting hurt and you’d be thankful that you packed a well-stocked first aid kit in your car. A first aid kit is also useful for many other circumstances, such as emergency medications on long trips or for some patching up during your kid’s football games.


Fire Extinguisher

Lastly we have the fire extinguisher. You might be thinking that you could put out the fire with your handy 1.5 L of water, but you can’t. Car fires are usually fuelled by petrol. Petrol is less dense than water so splashing water onto a car fire doesn’t help. The foam in fire extinguishers are made to put out fires like these so unless you want a crisp, black car, get a fire extinguisher!


With these five items, you should be able to handle breakdowns. These items are for emergency purposes only. Regular checks and good parts installed in a car are key elements to a smooth drive.

Remember: One wrong part can ruin everything. #GetItRight #StartWithBosch