1. Buckling Up
    Why: It is the duty of the driver to remind and ensure that passengers have their seatbelts on. This is for two reasons; to protect yourself from traffic summons, and your passengers in case of an accident.
  2. Staying Alert
    Why: When you’ve been driving for many years, it’s not uncommon to let your guard down especially when navigating familiar roads. Although it may seem like it couldn’t hurt to send a quick text message on your mobile, over a million accidents happen annually because of texting while driving alone. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Stash your phone away and keep both eyes on the road always.
  3. Checking Blind Spots
    Why: Blind spots are areas which cannot be directly seen by the driver due to the way a car is constructed, and prevent drivers from seeing oncoming vehicles, especially motorbikes. To avoid getting into an accident, adjust your mirrors so you get the best visibility possible and always check your blind spots before turning a corner or making a lane change.
  4. Signaling
    Why: We’re sure you’ve experienced a few close shaves thanks to drivers who don’t use their turn signals. The turn signal is the simplest mode of driver-to-driver communication and using it is just as important as stopping when the traffic light turns red. It is even more crucial when driving on a highway where motorists are moving at high speeds and there is lesser time to react.
  5. Replacing The Cabin Filter
    Why: The humble cabin filter (it filters air before it gets into your car) is often overlooked as an important safety feature. However, the statistics tell a different story. A dirty cabin filter results in up to 4 times poorer air quality compared to the air outside the car, which may cause breathing difficulties particularly if you’re already suffering from respiratory problems. For your own health and that of your passengers, you should get your cabin filter checked and changed at least once a year. 

    Remember: Experience is a product of years of driving, which means you were once inexperienced too! Play your part in promoting safe mobility and take note of these things that even the most experienced drivers often forget.