5 Things About Car Batteries You Never Knew About

We’ve dug up some interesting (and rather useful) facts about that magical box responsible for powering up your car.

You can power up any electrical device

Car batteries run pretty much like your everyday AA batteries - but with twelve times the voltage! By lowering the voltage via a transformer, youd theoretically be able to run most electrical appliances. Here’s an interesting fact: A fully-charged car bettery can power up your smartphone for three days straight!

You can repurpose them as solar cells

Some very clever people at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered that a discarded car battery can be repurposed as solar cells. This promising bit of research shows that the lead from a single car battery can produce enough solar energy for 30 households needs! We dont know if there are any plans to commercialize this idea or when it will be made available to the public, but were staying closely tuned.

Beware the smell of rotten eggs

As a car battery contains sulphuric acid, it may vent a foul smelling gas (sulphur) when it has been internally shorted, frozen or overcharged. This can be dangerous as the sulphuric acid leaked may damage other car parts. We’d recommend that you get your battery checked out as soon as possible if you do catch the smell of rotten eggs wafting from beneath your bonnet.

You can use baking soda to prolong its life

Did you know that you can use baking soda mixed with a little water to clean corroded battery terminals? The alkaline baking soda helps neutralize the (foul smelling) sulphuric acid, making it easier to get rid of deposits and corrosion that prevents the battery from working optimally. This helps to keep your battery working in tip-top condition for longer.

They are the leading cause of car breakdowns

Battery trouble is one of the top reasons cited for emergency roadside assistance. Ensure that you use a reliable battery and perform regular checks to avoid getting into such a situation. #GetItRight #StartWithBosch