Change your car battery in 7 steps!

  1. Switch off the engine & all electronic devices in vehicle
  2. On the battery you are dismantling, always remove the negative pole first
  3. Remove all objects such as leaves or branch sticks which may obstruct the correct installation of the battery
  4. Remove the protective covers of the new battery & use them to cover the poles of the dismantled battery
  5. Do a quick clean of the connection cables & lightly grease the poles of the new battery
  6. To install the battery, first connect the positive pole of the new battery - to avoid short-circuits
  7. Ensure the connections are properly secured in place & you are done!

If your car has an automatic Start-Stop System, do head on to a car specialist workshop or Bosch Car Service for a professional assistance


Video on Battery Basics: How do I change my car battery correctly?

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